Photography: Abstract Studio Work

This gallery  features experimental photographic ideas I’m working on in my studio dealing with features of light, reflection and distortion. You can purchase some of these works at Saatchi Online.

final planet scape -lava #1
“lava mountain”
'moonrise over fire valley"
‘moonrise over fire valley”
"twist tower"
“twist tower”

“disturbed profile”

abstract profile



“red water field”

aqua circle

“composition in folds”

composition in folds copy


IMG_6674 - Version 2


IMG_6655 - Version 2

“P 3”

P 3



“distorted pink”

distorted pink

“flora borga”



slash 007



metal horizon 001 (1)

“faces from my youth”

faces from my youth


cravass 002


"tripaceous"-photographic triptych

“ice blue”

berg 004